Design and Build Firm in New Orleans, Louisiana

Coupon, Design and Build Firm in New Orleans, LA

Bhi Benpaul LLC is a design and build firm for construction, construction management, and architectural engineering companies in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our company offers clients a single contract to minimize the financial risk resulting from construction projects exceeding timelines.

By fostering communication between the design and construction teams, our company allows an overlap between the design and construction phases of a project.

Redevelopment makes use of already standing buildings and helps the community re-imagine their potential. We seek to help New Orleans re-develop current structures in a sustainable fashion. Our projects encourage communities to become more integrated into their surroundings.

Helping Communities Grow
Our company encourages communities to become more acquainted with the area that they live in. Together, alongside the people of New Orleans, we can prompt politicians and social policy groups to initiate changes in the priorities of federal aid spending to benefit cities and suburbs.

Experience That Works
Bhi Benpaul LLC provides better valued, sustainable project solutions by tailoring our work to your dreams with cost effective solutions. Let us put our 25 years of experience to work for you and your community. Our company has been working to help New Orleans with re-development since Hurricane Katrina, including collaborating with other firms, hospitals, and housing re-development at Columbia Park and St Johns Parish.

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